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Nothing relaxes and does not entertain, as well as sailing the sea. Life (or at least the occasional life) on a boat is good for health, both physically and mentally. Whether you go fishing, in search of hidden lagoons or just go for a ride – ensure yourself the best experience with good boat electronics.

1. Pump timer PT-05

Keep the bait alive and catch the biggest dentex!

Pump timer PT-05 provides the optimal amount of fresh seawater and oxygen and provides multiple energy savings.


The product is intended to regulate the operation of the live bait pool pump. In handline fishing, live squid, cuttlefish, or some smaller fish are used as bait. As the bait is usually fished at dusk, and the line is pulled in the morning, bait needs to be kept alive in the meantime, which is a function of the live bait pool. A special pool (barrel or other plastic containers) is installed in the vessel, into which fresh seawater is pumped, and the excess is discharged back into the sea through a drain. Without the supply of fresh water, due to lack of oxygen, the bait dies. By constantly supplying water and oxygen, the bait is stunned (“drunk”) after a few hours and weakens its attractiveness to potential prey. In the continuous operation mode of the pump, a significant amount of electricity is consumed compared to the usual battery capacity on recreational boats.

Regulator operation

The controller periodically switches the live bait pool pump on and off, which ensures optimal bait liveliness and energy savings. About 40Ah of electricity is consumed in the continuous operation of the 60W pump while maintaining the bait alive during the night (e.g. 8 hours). The recommended controller settings are a pump run period of 1 minute with a break of 5 minutes. In such a mode of operation, the bait receives enough fresh water and oxygen, while electricity consumption is 6 times lower and amounts to about 6.7Ah over 8 hours. Such regulators have been in use for several years and have proven to be very practical.

Regulator characteristics

  • Control panel with a switch (Timer / OFF / Bypass) and two potentiometers
  • Pump operating period control: 1-15 min
  • Pause adjustment: 2-30 min
  • Installation voltage: 12V
  • Maximum pump power: 120W (10A) – for stronger pumps it is necessary to install an additional relay

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2. Man Overboard – a wireless Bluetooth system to turn off the boat’s engine

Breeze Man Overboard is a safety system that allows you greater freedom of movement and a higher level of safety in the event of a fall from the boat.


• WIRELESS SYSTEM – without a safety lace
• AUTOMATIC BOAT ENGINE STOPPING – the engine is switched off when the bracelet is out of range, without the need for additional actions
• TWO MODES OF OPERATION – normal operation or switch



The Breeze Man Overboard system is used as a replacement for a safety lace that shuts off the boat’s engine in the event of a helmsman falling into the sea.

Recreational fishers with smaller boats often go out to sea alone. On slower boats, other activities are often performed along the way, and with some fishing techniques, the boat is in constant motion while fishing. In such situations, there is a possibility of the helmsman falling into the sea. Safety laces reduce the mobility of the helmsman and the possibility of performing other activities while operating the vessel, which is why Man Overboard is an ideal solution since it does not limit mobility.

Operation of the Man Overboard System

Unlike the competition, the Breeze Man Overboard bracelet and assembly come paired. The electronic assembly (controller) is mounted near the control panel of the vessel. The bracelet and the controller are connected by Bluetooth technology. The controller frequently checks the availability of the bracelet within range, and if the bracelet goes out of range it shuts off the vessel’s engine.

Two modes of operation – normal operation or switch. In normal mode, the boat’s engine automatically shuts off when the bracelet is out of range. The switch-mode allows you to turn off the normal operation of the assembly in situations when the bracelet is not on board or its battery is empty.

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