Office in the cloud

small change for big improvement

Technological progress brings inevitable changes in our daily routines and business processes. That’s why cloud-based business is now a very well-known form of work online (over the Internet), where you access all your documents through any device that connects to the Internet (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). No matter how big your company is and what it does, partially or completely cloud-based business management is a solution that will contribute to a range of positive improvements.


What does it mean to work in the cloud?

Working in the cloud means working online (through the internet).


There is no paperwork, and you can access all the documents from your cloud service provider (not on your local computer) at any time and from any device.

There is no need to pay utilities or office rent because you do everything online.

You connect with the team, co-workers, and clients and share information wherever you are.


You are more productive, faster, and more secure with data protection used by large companies as well.

Who can work in the cloud?

If you’re, just like us, in the category of small and medium enterprises, you have up to 10 employees and you can/must work from different places, and you work in tourism, consulting, IT, accounting service, various service activities, you have just started your own craft business or you are a seasonal worker – you can move your business to the cloud. A good team does a good job, no matter where it is located.

Choose a package of services for each employee according to the needs of your team and business.

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Best for companies that need day-to-day communication with the team and cloud storage.


*online version: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote




5,90 eur/mo

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Best for companies that need day-to-day communication with the team and cloud storage.


Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote




13,90 eur/mo

* Microsoft 365 Business Basic includes web versions of Office applications for the web and mobile devices. Versions of applications for installation on computers are included only in the Microsoft 365 Business Standard package.

Description of applications in Microsoft 365 packages

Outlook, Exchange
    • Use your domain to send and receive emails with attachments up to 150 MB and a mailbox of up to 50 GB per user, via a mobile device or computer
    • Manage your calendar, schedule appointments, update information with your team, associates, and clients
    • Set up new user email addresses, restore deleted accounts, create custom scripts, and more, wherever you are
    • Protect your email from spam, malware, and known threats with Exchange Online Protection
    • Use security groups and custom permissions to control who will have access to your business information and when
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
    • Stay up to date with the newest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications for iOS and Android devices, install on up to five mobile devices and five tablets
    • Use these applications to create business documents from any device
    • Call a team and create documents together in real-time
    • Use 1 TB of space to store and share files
    • Work with the team on a document at the same time, save the changes, and use it again from any device
    • Protect all your documents and share them with others with a password protection
    • Access and sync files on PC or Mac and mobile devices
  • Collaborate with the team, associates, and clients without compromising privacy and security
  • Share messages, hold meetings and video calls with up to 250 people at once while on the go
  • Create team websites to share information, content, and files on your intranet using SharePoint


Choose any Microsoft 365 package without an obligation of a contract. You pay for the service monthly, and when you no longer need it, just simply deactivate it.

With 10 licenses of any Microsoft 365 package activated, we are giving you the Invoices in Cloud system for free.


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